Engineer has to be one of my most favorite and least favorite classes. There’s such a love/hate relationship between us. While most people really enjoy the relaxation of building a little base and sitting on defense with it I don’t.

What I love about engineer is the fast pace offensive style it provides that’s different then the other classes. Droping a level 1 sentry and going off to build your dispenser to help your team while upgrading your teleporter to get them to the front lines faster.

You don’t get this same effect when you sit on defense as an engineer. It’s also quite annoying to spend half the map setting up a great defensive position and upgrading everything to level 3 only to have one spy or uber come in and take it down.

Not all servers are as large as the 32 man SourceOP servers either. For smaller servers this wouldn’t be such a problem. The more people you throw at one gun the easier it is to take it down.

So the engineer is my double edge sword. Sometimes it’s great while other times I want to rip what hair I don’t have out. I’d love to hear some comments about what you like or don’t like about the engineer.