I’ve been thinking a lot about the sniper class and what could be updated for it. It’s actually a bit hard to think about what could make the sniper better since he’s already pretty good by himself.

Snipers only really ever have to worry about spies. Almost all the other classes don’t get close enough to be a problem for him.

His melee weapon has great range and damage. The sniper rifle is a great gun with the exception that uncharged crit headshots don’t always equal out to a kill.

His secondary weapon is pretty lacking. The damage and ammo are decent but it could use a bit of work.

I imagine that there will be something to help watch a snipers back as he’s scoped in. If not that then I would think that his lack of vision will be componsated in some way.

Maybe they’ll do away with the charge or keep it and allow the charge to penetrate ubers. Since they’re trying to lessen the need for ubers (not sure why) I would guess this is probably a much more likely idea.

I’d love to hear any comments you all have about it. Leave us a comment and tell us what you think the sniper update is going to bring.