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Now that Valve has reintroduced milestones as a way of unlocking weapons we’ve updated our guide so that you can get your Sniper and Spy weapons in about 30 minutes. We know people want their weapons and they want them now.

If you haven’t got all of your weapons yet we can help you do that. We’ll show you how you and a friend can get all the acheivement weapons without being on an achievement farming server. It’s much easier to get your friend to help you than some random stranger.

Here’s a sample of our guide and what you’ll get:

Sniper Sample page

You can find the full guide for all six of the class releases so far on our website. LiTi-4’s TF2 Achievement Guide will help you and your friends get all your achievement weapons fast and easy. Thanks for your continued support and we’ll be fragin’ you soon!


the huntsman bow

A lot of players seem to be having a hard time figuring out how The Huntsman works. The last patch fixed it so that your flaming arrows will show up as just that when you get a kill with them. Before players would see a flamethrower icon and it was throwing them off.

Make sure to have a Pyro light your arrow or you can shoot someone that’s already on fire and kill them. Either one of these ways will give you the flaming arrow kill. Another tip to using The Huntsman is to make sure you don’t keep the arrow strung for too long.

You have about three seconds after you reach maximum power to let loose your arrow or you will lose the accuracy of the shot. This is why a lot of players are having trouble aiming or having arrows that seem to fly off into the distance. If you’ve had it strung too long and want to pull the arrow back in you can right click to release the tension.

After only a week of players constantly complaining about the new update system Valve has decided to allow Spy and Sniper classes the chance to do achievements to unlock their weapons.

Now it’s time to get on the ball and get those achievements done! We will be offering an update to our guide tonight with the new Sniper and Spy content. We’ll tell you which achievements to go for and the best way to do them.

Here’s the offical update notes from Valve:

Team Fortress 2 Update Released

May 29, 2009, 4:30 pm – Valve – Product Update

Updates to Team Fortress 2 have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The specific changes include:

Team Fortress 2

  • Added Sniper/Spy milestone achievements as an additional way players can get the new unlockables
  • Arena Mode
    • Added tf_arena_use_queue server convar. Turn this on to get the old queue behavior. Default is off
    • Added tf_arena_round_time to set a timelimit on the round
  • Added the userid of the player who built the teleporter to the “player_teleported” event
  • Fixed player killed event causing server crash
  • Fixed Spies not being telefragged when standing on an enemy teleporter exit with the Dead Ringer enabled
  • Fixed attackers seeing the mini-crit particle effect for full crits if the victim has the Jarate effect enabled
  • Fixed the Ambassador not doing damage to buildings
  • Fixed Spies disguised as their own team not drawing blood effects
  • Fixed players killed by flaming arrows not showing the appropriate death icon

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Since the update there’s been so much confusion it’s hard to figure out what’s possible and what’s not. Today is the one week marker for the update and plenty has changed since its release. We’ve had a few patches to make fixes and other things that needed to be put into place.

Some of the things we’ve learned about the Sniper:

  • The Huntsman’s arrows can be lit on fire by friendly Pyros to make flaming arrows.
  • The Razorback is great on maps where you’re not going to be close to your other teammates.
  • Jarate, while gross, is a great team weapon.
  • The accuracy of the Huntsman isn’t exactly what we had expected.

Here are some of the things we’ve learned about the Spy:

  • The Dead Ringer is a great situational tool. Not having full cloak makes you have to work harder to get those kills.
  • The Dead Ringer was changed so that you lose all cloak even if you come out early, so use all 8 seconds.
  • The Cloak and Dagger is the more popular item unlock for the Spy. This baby pretty much gives you full stealth all the time. I feel it gives people too much of a comfort zone and not take as many chances. Most people would rather stay in stealth the whole map, when you don’t have to.
  • The Ambassador is a great weapon for those people who like to take one shot kills. If you’re good enough with it you can headshot just about anyone from anywhere. On the downside, that one shot had better put your target down.

A lot of things that have been done to the game have really made people upset. Veteran players in particular feel as if they’re being treated unfairly. Those of us that already have all the previous weapons don’t need or want copies of what we already have. We want Valve to make is so that we either get a shot at the hats or the newer weapons.

With the addition of the hats we can only wonder what other things they intend on implementing into the game. With four classes left to update there’s potential for a lot of changes. One thing is for certain, when the last update is released things will have changed just as much as they have since vanilla TF2.

Yesterday’s update had a mistake in the notes. The Cloak and Dagger was meant to be The Dead Ringer.

Here’s the patch notes for todays update and fixes. Not much of a surprise that they’d nerf the Dead Ringer.

Team Fortress 2

  • The Ambassador now does full critical hits on headshots, instead of mini crits
  • The Cloak & Dagger now fully drains the cloak meter, even if the Spy leaves cloak early
  • Fixed Spy disguise menu not being visible in HUD minimal mode
  • Server log improvements:
    • Added “player_extinguish” event for servers to log when a Pyro extinguishes flame with the airburst
    • Fixed kill descriptions for Force-A-Nature & Sandman, so server logs can distinguish them
    • Identified feign deaths in the events sent to server logs
  • Fixed server crash related to the Jarate


A lot of people seem to be having issues learning to use the Dead Ringer for Spy. When you first realize that you can’t control your cloak anymore you may start to freak out. Don’t worry because this has to be one of the best updated weapons for Team Fortress 2.

In order to use it you have to right click to bring it up. Keep it up right until you are about to kill someone. With the watch in your hand you lose the ability to fire your gun, sap buildings or stab people.

Once you’re sure of the kill pull the watch down by right clicking again and go for the stab. Quickly re-disguise and right click to bring the Dead Ringer back up.

While it’s up you will automatically cloak if you take direct or indirect damage. Once you’re cloaked you have 8 seconds to make it to safety. You can right click to stop the 8 seconds short and thus rebuild your cloak faster than if you use the full timer. If you don’t need the full 8 seconds stop the timer once you’re safe so you can recharge quicker.

I suggest while using the Dead Ringer you continually disguise as a Spy. Since the update when you disguise as an enemy Spy you are given a random mask from the other team. This makes it much easier to just walk right into enemy territory without anyone suspecting you’re a Spy. It’s a lot harder to do this with any other class.

Make sure to use the Dead Ringer if you’re on fire. If you do manage to catch fire you can pull up the Dead Ringer to extinguish yourself and instantly cloak. Be warned that if you get set on fire again for those 8 seconds of stealth you will be vulnerable again.

The Dead Ringer appropriately makes a sound when you die. Once people start getting used to the sound it’s going to be a little harder to pull this off. Take this time to practice while everyone else is still getting used to the new sounds. Also when you come out of the 8 second cloak you will make a loud sound that others can hear. If people are paying attention they will more than likely get you.

Here’s a good visual guide for those that want to see the Dead Ringer in action. We did not make this video, all credit goes to it’s author.

052509_1941_TeamFortres1.jpgIn the last week many players have been throwing a fit over the new TF2 update. Some like it some don’t but most are very confused. Valve has released a small fix for the update on May 22, 2009. This only fixed bugs in the system that was immediately causing players to have issues.

There is talk of a new update coming today (Memorial Day) but I wouldn’t hold my breath for it. If there is a new update coming today to fix bugs it won’t be very large or have much of an impact on the last update.

The big debate here is if the old system or the new system works better. Some people were completely against the old system and some people are against the new one. Each system has its flaws but both give everyone the chance to get their weapons.

I think Valve could have done a much better job in preparing people for the chance in gaining weapons. A lot of people have figured it out but a lot of people that don’t visit forums, blogs or news sites still don’t know.

Valve also stated that they will be implementing a new trading system with the next update. Players are getting duplicate items right now and deleting them. No one wants to wait two or three months for the next update with duplicate items taking up space.

Valve should have released the trading system with this update or held off on giving out duplicate items. Just like Left for Dead Valve had a really good idea but a poor implementation of it. If they would spend a little more time with their updates and content working I think they would really hit the nail on the head.

Team Fortress 2 has gone from a goofy FPS to a mixed FPS/MMORPG farming and grinding game. Again, the idea was good but the delivery was poorly planned. Hopefully Valve will come back with a bang and clean up a lot of this mess they made.


It’s my opinion that achievement servers were a fine idea. Mainly because I don’t want to go on a server where everyone is playing and ruin their fun by doing achievements to get my weapons.

I have heard plenty of debate about the subject but I believe that the system worked well. You will always have those people who think that achievement servers are bogus and “cheating”.

Usually those are the same people who will complain when you come on their server and try to get your achievements while they’re trying to play. That’s about the time they start screaming for you to go to an achievement server.

I really enjoyed the class updates and knowing that I had control over when I would receive my weapons. I would put in the time to do the achievements and gain them.

Now all you have to do is leave your computer on for days at a time and eventually you’ll collect some weapons.

While I know the fix is coming but I still think the system could have been thought out a lot better. Some other ideas that could have been used in their system are:

  • Give everyone weapons on update day without any stipulations
  • Revert back to not having any special weapons or upgrades
  • Make the weapons easier to unlock through achievements
  • Let players choose what weapons they want to unlock

Since the Sniper vs Spy update the TF2 community has been in an uproar about the new update. Valve did put out an official statement on the subject and changes they were going to implement. We will see how well they do with their fixes.

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