Let’s face it; City of Heroes has been struggling for years now. Even with hardcore fans that play all day its sill going down hill. It has been going down hill since about six months after its release.

City of Villains was their attempt to fix the boredom that overcame players. One of the biggest complaints is the grind and the content being the same. There wasn’t a sense of real story line to either of the super hero games.

Even though when you hit 20 you had seen all the content maps they made for the game you’d still want to play. Both CoH and CoV were great games. The concepts were amazing. The delivery and updating lacked what players were looking for.

With NCsoft’s release of Mission Architect for CoH players are given the chance to make their own content. Make your own maps, stories, dialog and more. They are handing over the development to the players themselves.

While this sounds great and wonderful it also could be too late in the game to do this. I think this issue is about 2 years to late. Even if past players do come back they’ll easily be able to level to the maximum by having friends build up easy missions to farm.

I think the concept was good. NCsoft had an amazing customization layout for character creation on both games. Mission Architect is no different. Making missions is highly customizable. Unfortunately giving this power to player’s means some will exploit it and that’s going to make things much worse for the community that is playing.

If you’re interested in seeing what Mission Architect features check out the video below. Happy gaming and enjoy!