The first WotLK 70-80 Alliance Leveling Guide designed for couples is here. LiTi-4’s 70-80 Alliance Leveling guide takes you through Northrend like you’ve never been before.

If you have a level 70 and want to reach the new level cap to start participating in the new content our guide can help you do that. Whether you level solo or you group up with multiple people, you can benefit from what our guide has to offer.

Typical guides simply tell you to go from one place to another without really helping you get there or with the quest once you’ve arrived. Our guide features seven full size maps of the areas you’ll be leveling in. Each map contains mob locations, quest turn in points and allows you to go from step one to done by just using the map.

borean-map1This guide is meant to help the beginner and the veteran. We will take you step by step from 70 all the way to 80. In our book you will cover over 15 zones. Each zone has a detailed break down of what to do as well as special interests in the zone.


Unlike other guides we have links inside our book that will allow you to check out what has to say about certain quests. Their easy to use navigation tools is harmonous with our guides easy to use step-by-step instructions.