*For patch notes look at Team Fortress 2: Sniper/Spy Update Notes . A post explaining the new system check Team Fortress 2: New Unlock System.

Today is the third day of the Sniper update. We all knew it was coming we just weren’t sure in what form. The Sniper has been given a major tool against those Spies who just love to backstab unsuspecting Snipers.

Meet The Razorback. This shield is good for one save from a backstab. Unfortunantly for the Spy if they do stab you with this equipped they’ll be jolted with electricity.

The stab will not only destroy the shield but it will also make the Spy wait before he can take another stab at the Sniper; giving the Sniper time to react.

Check out the official text from the Valve team:

The Razorback

Watch your back or don’t! Now it’s YOUR choice.

The Razorback is a beautiful hand-carved tribal shield, built using indigenous techniques passed from father to son since before recorded time. Sometimes the old ways really are the best ways. And after using the Razorback in the field, we quickly discovered this was not one of those times.

All the tribal craftsmanship in the world, it turns out, cannot stop a modern butter knife. So we taped a car battery to it. Sure, the added weight of the redesigned Razorback’ll slow you down a little. But any poor sap dumb enough to backstab you while you’re sporting one is getting a surprise to the tune of 10,000 volts. Plus, if they want to stab you again, they’ll have to wait until their knife cools down. Which is lucky for you, since the Razorback collapses into a million finely crafted pieces after a single stab.”