It seems that Valve pulled another fast one on all of us. Not only did they release two classes with this update by making us think only the Sniper was getting updated but they also made it so that all weapons are now randomly unlocked.

Refer to the General section at the bottom of this post. This has caused major upset in the TF2 community. The same reason people don’t like the random criticals in game is the same reason they don’t like random weapons.

Players want control over their game play. Not many people enjoy having a very random element of luck added to their game.

We can only assume that Valve was upset at the “achievement farmers” and this is why they took away the old system. If that’s the case then they need to just give players their weapons during the update instead of making it random.

Both systems make players work for their weapons. With the new system players have no control over what they get. You could never play Spy but love to play Medic and get all Spy unlocks.

The old system allowed players to unlock what they wanted as they wanted. It would be a lot easier to simply give the weapons away for free during the update or make a system that gives players some control.

We’ll see tomorrow if Valve makes a post about this update and how things are going to stay or go.