One of the biggest questions we keep getting is exactly how you can achieve the new TF2 weapons. Is there a specific amount of time? Is there any way to determine how exactly it works?

Well Valve did release yesterday this official statement about the timing issues:

How long do I have to play to get an item?

  • When we were tuning this system we first looked at the average amount of time that players spend playing TF2 daily. From there, we set the goal of most players having around 20 items in their inventory after a couple of weeks of play. If you’re someone who plays a lot of TF2, you’re going to get items a lot faster than that. In the first few hours after the release yesterday, we had some issues that prevented the system from working properly, so that timeframe was not indicative of the system as it’s designed.

So the system will now award weapons for time played. I’m not sure how exactly this is different than gaining them through achievements.

Players can make a server sit in spectate or afk and farm weapons while not even doing anything. So now you don’t have to do anything at all to gain weapons, litterally.

Valve also made mention of implimenting a new feature where you can trade extra items you gain with other players:

Is this the way we’ll find items from now on?

  • Like everything else we build, we’ll be iterating on this system for a while, and have a lot of features planned. Some of the next things we have planned are:
  • Item trading. This is why you’re finding duplicates.
  • Giving players a method to influence the system so they   can work directly toward getting specific items.
  • Adding more rare items like the hats.
  • We’re going to be working on and rolling these out while we’re also working on the next class pack, with the goal being to get it all released before then.

    I wish Valve would have released these features with this update. Now people are forced to hold on to weapons they may not want to keep until Valve puts in the new system for players to trade them.

    So for now fellow players hold on to those items and wait until Valve releases another update for you trade them from person to person. Maybe you’ll be able to get some gold or jewels for your time. Who knows exactly what they’ll do this time.