It’s my opinion that achievement servers were a fine idea. Mainly because I don’t want to go on a server where everyone is playing and ruin their fun by doing achievements to get my weapons.

I have heard plenty of debate about the subject but I believe that the system worked well. You will always have those people who think that achievement servers are bogus and “cheating”.

Usually those are the same people who will complain when you come on their server and try to get your achievements while they’re trying to play. That’s about the time they start screaming for you to go to an achievement server.

I really enjoyed the class updates and knowing that I had control over when I would receive my weapons. I would put in the time to do the achievements and gain them.

Now all you have to do is leave your computer on for days at a time and eventually you’ll collect some weapons.

While I know the fix is coming but I still think the system could have been thought out a lot better. Some other ideas that could have been used in their system are:

  • Give everyone weapons on update day without any stipulations
  • Revert back to not having any special weapons or upgrades
  • Make the weapons easier to unlock through achievements
  • Let players choose what weapons they want to unlock

Since the Sniper vs Spy update the TF2 community has been in an uproar about the new update. Valve did put out an official statement on the subject and changes they were going to implement. We will see how well they do with their fixes.