A lot of people seem to be having issues learning to use the Dead Ringer for Spy. When you first realize that you can’t control your cloak anymore you may start to freak out. Don’t worry because this has to be one of the best updated weapons for Team Fortress 2.

In order to use it you have to right click to bring it up. Keep it up right until you are about to kill someone. With the watch in your hand you lose the ability to fire your gun, sap buildings or stab people.

Once you’re sure of the kill pull the watch down by right clicking again and go for the stab. Quickly re-disguise and right click to bring the Dead Ringer back up.

While it’s up you will automatically cloak if you take direct or indirect damage. Once you’re cloaked you have 8 seconds to make it to safety. You can right click to stop the 8 seconds short and thus rebuild your cloak faster than if you use the full timer. If you don’t need the full 8 seconds stop the timer once you’re safe so you can recharge quicker.

I suggest while using the Dead Ringer you continually disguise as a Spy. Since the update when you disguise as an enemy Spy you are given a random mask from the other team. This makes it much easier to just walk right into enemy territory without anyone suspecting you’re a Spy. It’s a lot harder to do this with any other class.

Make sure to use the Dead Ringer if you’re on fire. If you do manage to catch fire you can pull up the Dead Ringer to extinguish yourself and instantly cloak. Be warned that if you get set on fire again for those 8 seconds of stealth you will be vulnerable again.

The Dead Ringer appropriately makes a sound when you die. Once people start getting used to the sound it’s going to be a little harder to pull this off. Take this time to practice while everyone else is still getting used to the new sounds. Also when you come out of the 8 second cloak you will make a loud sound that others can hear. If people are paying attention they will more than likely get you.

Here’s a good visual guide for those that want to see the Dead Ringer in action. We did not make this video, all credit goes to it’s author.