A lot of posts I make seem like I might be anti-Valve. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. I think that Valve has put together some of the best games ever. I’m just very critical and want to see the best a company has to offer.

For whatever reasons Valve seems to hold back lately and I think that’s a bit silly. They have the potential to make such great games. L4D is one such game that should have been simply amazing. While it’s not a bad game I don’t think it’s all that good either.

Now they’re talking about releasing L4D 2 and I just don’t see it shaping up to be any better than the first. There’s not a whole lot more they can offer (that they couldn’t just add to the original game now). They’ve also taken TF2 and went from a goofy, fun first person shooter to a MMORPG/FPS mix. We’ll see how Valve does in the next few years.