steam_poweredWe love the Steam platform and the discounts they offer on games even more. The fact that you can digitally buy a game through their platform and instantly start playing is one of the most amazing things. Even though having a hard copy of the game is good, instant download for some is just the only way.

For quite some time now Steam has been doing weekend deals on games. Making games 40% off or 50% off from Friday to Sunday only. They do other game discount deals that expire later in the month but not as many. Finding these deals was not as easy for the average person as it should be. Steam has decided that they would make all discount games available on their home page as well as through an RSS feed.

The official statement from Steam:

Steam Adds Weekly Top Sellers List and Current Specials List

June 4, 2009, 3:45 pm – Valve – General Announcement

“Steam now offers two new information sources for gamers. A weekly top-ten list of game sales is now available each week, published via an RSS feed. The list is updated each Sunday morning and reports the previous week’s top performers on the platform. In addition, the Steam web site now also lists all active discounts, right on the home page, so bargain shoppers no longer have to hunt through the Steam store to find out which games are on special. See the current specials list in the tabbed area on, and subscribe to the Weekly Top Sellers list at”