Video gamers as a whole are some of the most unforgiving people. We hold ourselves to such a high standard when playing games that it’s no surprise we would hold the makers of those games to an even higher standard. I can’t say I’m surprised by the fact that there is now a L4D 2 boycott group of around 16,000 members. These are gamers who feel that Valve is doing a great injustice by releasing a sequel to a game that wasn’t brought up to its full potential.

They recognize that L4D is a good game and that Valve needs to make more games to make money. They just don’t believe that they should make a sequel to a game that wasn’t given Valves full attention. Valve does state that they will continue to update L4D but that L4D 2 was too big to simply make it an update to the original. L4D 2 has five new campaigns, new melee weapons, new infected, four new survivors, a new environment, new AI director and an unannounced game mode.

It sounds like a whole lot of stuff will be coming with this new game but how much will Valve be able to deliver? As the old saying goes “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.” Basically Valve spent millions on advertising for L4D only to have it not deliver what it promised. You can find a very interesting article on Valve’s False Promises.

Valve has a lot of people in an uproar on the Steam forums about the new L4D 2 game release. Time will only tell if the game will fly or flop. Nothing can be truly said until the game is officially released and more details can be put together on how the game functions. What can be said is that if Valve screws up L4D 2 and promises things they can’t deliver, they just might find themselves without fans. The sad part is that no matter what happens to L4D 2, the original is going to suffer with or without new updates for it.