After posting the video yesterday we realized that everything they’ve showed at E3 is nothing more than what the original has. A lot of people bought the first game and got bored of it after about a week. With the inability to choose what server to play on, the redundancy of maps, and not having any more competition than a computer people were bored.

Eventually Valve did fix a lot of this but by then it was too late. While there were, and are, dedicated fans of L4D it was a big decline in the community. The dedicated fans now want Valve to keep their promise of updating L4D once L4D 2 comes out.

With EA backing the project for L4D 2, the L4D team doesn’t have much say in what’s going to happen with the sequel. Typical of publishing companies like EA, they come in and take something good and want to make it into more of a money making machine. Do these publishers even care about video games? Time will only tell.