Christians protested Electronic Arts Dante’s Inferno at this years E3 expo. Rumors floated around that protestors had set up outside of the convention center and drew the media in. As you can see from the picture many of them had signs that made EA out to be a horrible company. 1up’s Steve Watts wrote about the protest and had some interesting things to report. One of the protesters was reported as saying, “This disrespects ourselves, the Bible, the Christian belief. We don’t need this right now in our society.

Apparently the protesters were protesting “Electronic Antichrist”. Almost all of the gaming news companies covered the story and gave their report of what happened. After all was said and done though word leaked that the entire protest was staged by EA as a publicity stunt. Word of the protest spread and real Christians started posting about it and were very upset by it. Kris Pigna of reported on the fake protest here.

It seems that many Christian organizations said that they were upset by the misrepresentation of Christians by EA. A video game blogger, Andy Kirchoff, who writes for Catholic Video Gamers was reported as writing, “Gamers of all varieties will buy this product if its, well, actually a good game. So instead of engaging in a shamelessly anti-Christian stunt to promote your poor excuse of a product, maybe you ought to work on making this game, you know, something better than a blatant God of War rip-off and make it, ya know, something worthwhile?

While I agree that gamers will buy a good game regardless of if they’re Christian or not EA may have taken their motto of “Challenge Everything” a little too far. If they were attempting to promote a game like Test Driver by staging a M.A.D.D. protest we can only assume the real organization would be, well, mad. Either way EA got its publicity from the stunt and video game sales will determine if it worked or not.