The Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB) made Valve change the cover art for L4D 2. They claimed that it was too graphic in nature. As seen above the original cover art for L4D 2 was the original hand missing the thumb, pinky and ring finger. The ESRB stated that the cover art was too graphic in nature and that Valve needed to redesign it.

So apparently it’s okay to have a chewed off thumb but not the thumb, pinky and ring finger. The ESRB states that the thumb is fine but the other two fingers make the photo too graphic. So Valve redesigned the new cover as seen below. So what’s the rule of thumb with this case? It’s okay to have one chewed off thumb and two folded fingers but it’s not okay to have three missing appendages.

The ESRB only commented on the fact that it’s within their guidelines to have the picture changed. If anyone is curious as to what those guidelines are you can find them here. So remember that it’s okay to have one missing finger when you make a photo for a video game but only if it’s the thumb. Even the official L4D blog reported on how silly the guidelines where. You can read the blog post “Rules of Thumb” on their official blog.