Playing a Medic in Team Fortress 2 gives you the opportunity to really appreciate the team aspect of the game. The Medic is the backbone of any team and everyone should learn the basics of playing one. Even though the Medic is a support class he’s not completely dependent upon his teammates to survive.

The TF2 Medic comes with a variety of weapons and items that help him to support his teammates and defend himself. Some of the Team Fortress 2 classes have been given weapon upgrades but not all. The Medic was the first class to be upgraded.

All classes have a primary, secondary and melee weapon. The Medic in Team Fortress 2 starts out with three basic weapons. The first three you start with are:

  • Primary – Syringe gun
  • Secondary – Medigun
  • Melee – Bonesaw

You can upgrade these weapons by just playing the game or by doing achievements. Each milestone unlocks a new item for the class. If you don’t want to do that you can play the game and you will be given items randomly. The more you play the more items you will get but you’re not guaranteed to get Medic weapons. The only way to get just the Medic weapons is to do achievements to unlock them.

The TF2 Medic weapon unlocks are:

  • Primary – Blutsauger
  • Secondary – Kritzkrieg
  • Melee – Ubersaw

Tactics for Playing Medic

Your primary job is to not get hit or draw fire. Most people think that healing teammates is more important but it comes second to your own safety. If you’re dead you can’t heal anyone.

Now that you know the basics you’ll need to know how to play the Medic as efficiently as possible. Depending on the weapons you choose will depend on your play style. For now let’s focus on the basic set of Medic weapons.

The Medigun will become your best friend. The Syringe gun and Bonesaw should only be used in a last ditch effort to get away. Don’t stop and try to fight someone with these because you will probably lose. These weapons should only be used if you’re trying to do an achievement that requires you to.

Keep a safe distance from the person you’re healing and don’t follow suicidal people to their death. Stay back and build up your Uber-charge and then charge in. Jump back and forth to avoid fire and Spies that want to backstab you. Most people don’t watch out for their Medic, so it’s your job to stay safe.

Once you get the weapon unlocks for the Medic you’ll have a much easier time staying alive. The Blutsauger is going to be your best friend, next to a good Heavy. When you start taking on fire or get singled out in a crowed pull out the Blutsauger and continue to fire at the target while you retreat.

The Blutsauger is lethal against Spies and Scouts. You’ll find that these two classes are going to be gunning for you constantly. If the person you’re healing doesn’t notice them you’ll have to deal with them yourself.

When you have the chance to use the Ubersaw on an unsuspecting target you’ll jump for joy. Each hit gives you a 25% charge on your Uber-charge or your Kritzkrieg. Be careful not to get carried away since you could easily die. The Ubersaw should be used while retreating and you can hit someone one or two times as you’re backing up.

The last choice you’ll have to make is which secondary weapon to use. The easiest way to do it is to use the Medigun when you’re playing offense and the Kritzkrieg when you’re playing defense. The Medigun will get you through sentries and help you push forward. The Kritzkrieg will keep the offense from achieving their goal.

There is so much more to playing a Medic in Team Fortress 2 but this basic information will give you a better understanding of what you’re up against. Take time to practice with each weapon and try different tactics. Even if you don’t play Medic a lot you’ll better understand how they can work with you to win.