Champions Online Play Shot

We’ve all been waiting for it, Champion Online open beta! For all of us that didn’t get the chance to test in closed, our chance is coming on August 17th. According to  a blog post on VG247 the open beta will go on 24 hours a day 7 days a week until it’s completed. Closed beta testers will see more game time in the form of full weekend play and extended regular hours.

Pre-World of Warcraft days, there weren’t many people that participated in open betas and even less that got the chance to do closed beta testing. Now that MMORPG’s have become so popular open beta testing is more for the gamer than the development staff. Gamers get the chance to play the game for free for a certain amount of time before its release date. This gives gamers the chance to decide if they want to pay-to-play or not. Take advantage of this opportunity to check out a new MMORPG.