Information about Champions Online end game content has been released along with some info on micro-transactions. End game content for Champions Online will be a system called OMEGA. To give players content at max level, Cryptic Studios has implemented a system that gives players five “hot spots” for crime. In order to complete these areas you’ll need to form a super group and defeat all the enemies or complete the mission completely. Once this is done a sixth, secret, area will be opened up and players can complete this for special badges and commendations. While the system sounds interesting, we’ll have to see how it plays out. Much more detail is needed in order to really asses how this system will work.

The next thing that was released was micro-transactions and how they’ll be implemented into Champions Online. What is a micro-transaction you ask? It’s a system where players will be able to pay money for items, gear, money, etc. Games like World of Warcraft offer this service in name changes, realm transfers and many other things. While some games opt to put this system in later down the line, Cryptic Studios had decided that it will go in right away. Here’s the official statement given on micro-transactions for Champions Online:

The Skinny on Micro-transactions

Champions Online will support micro-transactions, but contrary to the concerns of some people, the game is not ‘based’ on them. There are the basic tenets for our micro-transactions:

  • The vast majority are aesthetic items, such as costume pieces, action figures, emblems, etc.
  • A very few are account-level management tools, such as being able to rename a character
  • Micro-transactions should never limit your ability to enjoy the game or reach the level cap
  • Any micro-transaction that has a game effect can also be earned in the game through play

Hopefully they’re right when they say that you won’t have to purchase anything extra in order to experience the game fully. If all they’re trying to accomplish is to add a bit of novelty to the game, then that should go over just fine. However, if players have to start paying extra fees to get items that will greatly increase their chances of success at something, well that could have some bad effects. All-in-all it sounds as if Cryptic Studios really has things on the right track. I can’t wait to see the game release in September and do really well in the industry.