EQ2 mushroom ring locations are not that hard to find but much easier with co ordinance. On June 22, 2009 SOE released a live event that involved finding five different sets of mushroom rings around the world. These rings teleport you to an instance that gives you access to event specific items. These items can be used to purchase different things for your house and you can even buy a head piece. Also in the instances are collectibles and each instance has one each.

Only one person can go into the instance and one of the five has a double quest and a shot at two tokens instead of just one. Each month on the 20th the rings will open up and give players the chance to collect more things. The tokens, collectables and items are all interchangeable between characters. One of the most asked quests is where are the mushroom rings located. Here are the locations of the mushroom rings in EQ2:

Zone: Antonica
Location: -698,-4,622

Zone: Enchanted Lands
Location: -278,5,15

Zone: Nektulos
Location: -367,0,-681

Zone: Greater Faydark
Location: -128,-44,-770

Zone: Darklight Wood
Location: 14,-23,-236

Simply enter the zone, type /wayp #,#,# into your chat and you’ll get a waypoint on the map to the location, enjoy!