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So, we made a post already about the really cool new site by Drunken F00l, the TF2 Backpack Examiner.

I’ve gotten 1 hat since the idler hats were taken away (yes, I was a dirty idler). I also have the solider medal and all the weapons.

Check out my backpack.

Post yours in reply to this thread and let us see what you have!


Here’s a recent article I wrote on the topic. Here at LiTi-4, we try to promote various types and platforms of gaming. Here are some perspectives on this.  We’d love to hear your thoughts. Which do you prefer and why?

Online Games Versus Gaming Consoles
There’s a lot of competition between online games and gaming consoles? Many people say gaming consoles can’t be beat and others will tell you there’s nothing that can compare to online gaming. So which one is the better?

We have a special guest-blogger post with us today on the new Scout update for TF2. We know that just like us, a lot of you have been playing it since release and there are a lot of mixed emotions about this update. Coming in from Nick “GetThere1Time” Sharko, here’s one point of view on the Scout update and new unlockables:

My Verdict on the TF2 Scout Update

Nick “GetThere1Time” Sharko


I give it a resounding “MEH.” It does a tad less damage than the scattergun from close range. From medium to long range the difference in damage seems notable though I’ll have to test it a little more. What obviously makes it inferior to the scatter is the reload time and knockback. I may have said this in a previous post but I don’t want knockback as a scout. If I’m running up to someone to fight them point blank, I want them to stay point blank. This also means if you want to use the gun effectively, you have to fire both shots immediately or else your target is going to be too far away to take any decent damage on the second shot. Even if you get both shots on a moving target, you’re still probably going to have to pistol him/her down to get the kill.

The reload time is brutal. I’d often times find myself in a position where I’m reloading and I needed to be shooting. The pistol just doesn’t do it sometimes. If I stun someone with the Sandman, I need to run up to them before I shoot them to get the kill. If I were to have the scattergun out in the same situation, that kill would come much faster because I can start shooting immediately and not have to worry about wasting my shots. I also can’t kill Sandman stunned heavies with the Force-A-Nature. However, I will say it’s really hilarious to stun a fatty and then launch them with the FAN.

I feel like this gun can really be useful if applied in the right situations. It’s great in tight tunnels where you can duck back and forth and hide when you reload. It’s great in any kind of a spam war since FAN makes it hard for the enemy to advance. It’s still really lacking in the damage potential department but it may just take a ton of practice to get both of those shots dead on. Regardless, unless I’m just dicking around, I’ll be sticking with the scattergun; more shots, less vulnerable, and better synergy with the Sandman.

Bonk Energy Drink:

It’s fun but it sucks. Bullets don’t hit you but you get knocked back from them still. You can’t shoot. You can’t capture. You’re slow as hell when it wears off. It’s useful for booking ass in a bad situation, but, hey, you’re a scout. You’re already faster than the other classes and if you’re fighting other scouts I don’t think they’re going to let you chug a tasty beverage. You’re probably better off just shooting and maybe dying than drinking this thing anyway. Yes, you can get by sentries but I don’t see how that’s very useful since you’re really just going to run into a bunch of dudes once you run past the gun anyway.

You might be useful as a decoy when your team is destroying a sentry. I haven’t really tested it on CTF maps either, but with limited application and the FAN and Sandman begging you to keep your pistol, any scout worth his mettle is going to toss this thing.

The Sandman:

This thing is ridiculous. If you stun anyone accessible by you or your team, they’ll be dead. It stuns people who are ubered. It has infinite ammo, albeit a slow recharge, and you can pick up a ball to negate the recharge. From medium range, it’s enough time for a scout to get the kill. From long range, the stun lasts a huge amount of time (something like 5-7 seconds?) Yes, you have to give up the double jump to equip it which hurts your mobility, but you’re trading it for what essentially is a guaranteed kill and the ability to stop kritz and ubers in their tracks. The Sandman has a permanent home in my setup.

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If you have a World of Warcraft account, log in today for your free new pet, the baby blizzard bear.


There is also an achievement for logging in on WoW’s 4th Anniversary.  If you want to get the achievement and your own cute little bear all you have to do is log your account and check your email.

Remember to do it for each of your toons!

Quest Giver in Star's Rest

Quest Giver in Star's Rest

“Where do I learn teleport to Dalaran?”

“How do I get to Dalaran as a mage?”

“How do I get to Dalaran the first time?”

“I’m 71 mage, now what do I do?”

There is a lot of confusion in WoW WotLK about mages, Dalaran, ports to Dalaran and how to get to that city in the sky in the first place. Dalaran is like the Shattrath of the new expansion. It has the portals you need to other cities and is the hub or base of Northrend.

It also has the NPC that sells the really cool new bear mount that many people are running to get their hands on!

Since my first toon to 80 will be my mage, I thought I’d clear up some of the confusion.

Here are the basics:

  • Dalaran is in the sky and cannot be accessed without a port
  • Mages get teleport to Dalaran at level 71(and can port themselves)
  • Mages get portal to Dalaran at level 74 (and can port others)
  • Other classes obtain a quest to “attune” to Dalaran and gain access through a summoning stone at level 74
  • Any level can enter Dalaran if summoned by a warlock in the city, summoned using a BG-signup-then-drop-group or getting ported there by a 74+ mage (remember to tip your mages)

Now to the question of how mages get the teleport when they hit level 71. There is a shortcut route of being ported there by another mage who is already 74 and if you have a mage friend or want to pay for someone else to do it, you can just visit your mage trainer in the city and learn the teleport along with your other level 71 spells.

However, Blizzard would never give mages a teleport ability to a city that they could not gain access to on their own. This means, depsite what you’ve heard in general chat, there is another way to get your port.

There’s a simple mage quest from an NPC in Dragonblight. This NPC is located in the center fo Star’s Rest. If you have not been to Dragonblight yet, you can easily get there from Valiance Keep and if you stay on the roads, you won’t even be attacked by anything.

(Remember you have to be level 71 before the NPC will give you the quest).

The questgiver in Star’s Rest will give you Attunement to Dalaran and you run about 50 yards away to a large glowing needle thing in the sky (seriously, you can’t miss it) with a big crater in the bottom of it. You can take the ramp down or just slow fall into the crater. You must be standing inside the hole underneath the needle to use your crystal.

Once you have it, run back over to the NPC in Star’s Rest, turn it in and learn teleport to Dalaran (and earn a little gold).

Once in Dalaran, remember that you can also do the quest to use the crystal to port you to the ground below Dalaran and back up to the city once again (learning to leave and return: the magical way).

Learn Teleport to Dalaran

Learn Teleport to Dalaran

Our new guide is up now. We had some delays with the site and with Clickbank and things went beyond schedule but everything is up and running now. You can check it out with the image link to the left or visiting

We just made our first sale about 30 minutes ago! *yay*

Thank you all who have chosen to support us.

We are working hard on the 70-80 update for the WoW 1-70 Alliance leveling guide and also considering a Horde guide as well if demand dictates it.

Remember that our guides are not about getting there the fastest (although you will level fast) but instead are created for those people who are new to the game or who are looking to level a new character or level with a friend or partner and actually enjoy the content.

Our guides are designed for people with a true love for games who just might need a little extra guidance finding their way around- not for the person looking for a cheat or an easy way to max level without doing any work of their own.

If you’ve just gotten WoW to play with your friends who are already checking out WotLK and you want to catch up with them, this guide is for you. If you have played but now want to get a spouse or girlfriend or boyfriend to play, this guide is for you.

If you are a parent who wants to play with a child who’s already been playing, this guide is for you as well. If you’ve already leveled to 70 on one toon but now you want to catch your others up easily so they can try to new content with WotLK, this guide is for you.

You can read more on our website but let us know if you have any questions. Part of the purpose of this blog is so that we can communicate with people who download our guides and also just to provide good, useful information to other gamers.

Thanking you,


left4deadss2Well, it’s here; the official release of Left 4 Dead.  If  you preordered through Steam, you may have started playing last night at the midnight launch. It’s not too late to get the game today but it is too late to play the demo now.

The demo ended on the official release of the game. There hasn’t been word of whether or not Valve will decide to open the demo again at a later date but for now, if you had the demo downloaded, it will have pre-loaded the game for you. If you try to play, you will get a message that reads “a locked copy of Left 4 Dead Demo has already been installed on your computer. Purchase it now and start playing immediately.”

Left 4 Dead can be purchased through Steam for $49.95. You can learn more about the game at the official site:

And you can talk about it on the official forums:

This Left 4 Dead information thread is especially helpful if you are new to the game:


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