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DF's Backpack

Ladies and gentleman Drunken_F00l presents the TF2 items backpack viewer. The man that brought you the idler program has done it again! Not only can you farm for hats with his program you can check out your friends backpacks. If you’ve been wondering what so-and-so has in their pack you won’t have to wonder any longer. Invade everyone’s privacy and start looking up what people have in their bags.

What makes this such a great website? Well aside from how awesome it is to spy on all your friends, you can now see what people have to trade. This is assuming that Valve will in fact implement TF2 item trading sometime in the near future. This means you don’t have to be friends with someone to trade with them in the future. This will be great for people trying to get all their items. Great work Drunken!



Today is the TF2 Classless Update Day 2! We get to see 3 (sort of) new maps! These three maps were made for the new game mode King of the Hill (KOTH). There will be KOTH Viaduct, KOTH Nucleus and KOTH Sawmill. Personally I could have done without Sawmill being remade into a KOTH map but.. I guess we’ll see how that goes!

So I know you’re all sitting there wondering “What’s this new King of the Hill thing?”. Well to answer that question I’ll let the TF2 team do it:

King of the Hill (KotH) is an intense new game mode focused around a single central capture point that must be defended for three minutes. Gameplay begins with the point initially locked—after a short time, it will open for capture by either team. Once the point is captured by a team, their team clock will start a three minute countdown. If the enemy team manages to capture the point back, their clock will start counting down while the other team’s clock freezes at the time the point was recaptured.

Even though two of these maps are simply remade to fit the new game mode, one is completely new and deserves an explanation. So again I will let the TF2 team do that for me:

Viaduct is an all-new map especially built for KotH, set outside of the entrance to a secret underground base. Viaduct is also the first Team Fortress map to take place during a snowfall. Both teams start at the base of a low hill, and will have to climb to get to the capture point at the hill’s peak. The various elevations of the map and multiple routes to the central point guarantee some frenzied battles as the point changes hands during gameplay.




The names of all the TF2 hats that are coming:

“TF_Engineer_Cowboy_Hat” “Texas Ten Gallon”
“TF_Engineer_Train_Hat” “Engineer’s Cap”
“TF_Heavy_Ushanka_Hat” “Officer’s Ushanka”
“TF_Heavy_Stocking_cap” “Tough Guy’s Tuque”
“TF_Soldier_Pot_Hat” “Stainless Pot”
“TF_Soldier_Viking_Hat” “Tyrant’s Helm”
“TF_Demo_Scott_Hat” “Glengarry Bonnet”
“TF_Medic_Tyrolean_Hat” “Vintage Tyrolean”
“TF_Pyro_Chicken_Hat” “Respectless Rubber Glove”
“TF_Spy_Camera_Beard” “Camera Beard”
“TF_Medic_Mirror_Hat” “Otolaryngologist’s Mirror”
“TF_Pyro_Fireman_Helmet” “Brigade Helm”
“TF_Scout_Bonk_Helmet” “Bonk Helm”
“TF_Scout_Newsboy_Cap” “Ye Olde Baker Boy”
“TF_Spy_Derby_Hat” “Backbiter’s Billycock”
“TF_Sniper_Straw_Hat” “Professional’s Panama”
“TF_Sniper_Jarate_Headband” “Master’s Yellow Belt”
“TF_Hatless_Scout” “Baseball Bill’s Sports Shine”
“TF_Hatless_Sniper” “Ritzy Rick’s Hair Fixative”
“TF_Hatless_Engineer” “Texas Slim’s Dome Shine”
“TF_Demo_Top_Hat” “Scottsman’s Stove Pipe”

More hidden pages for your viewing pleasure!

A new Final Fantasy MMORPG has been announced and it will be Final Fantasy IV. FF14 has no release date as of yet and many of the details surrounding are being kept secret. It seems they will be doing away with XP and leveling in the traditional sense and instead making your job more of a profession that you increase. You can see the teaser website at The video for the game can be seen below. One of the unfortunate parts of the game is that at E3 it was announced that the game will only be available on the PS3.


A Twilight game wasn’t unexpected but I have to say that an MMO based on the books was. Brainjunk Studios has undertook the project to create a MMO for the popular book series Twilight. The game is set to take place around Forks, Washington and will allow players to explore in a non-linear way. The games developers state that players will be able to choose between playing human, vampire or werewolf.

I have to admit that I’ve only seen the movie but I’m very skeptical of if this game’s even going to make it out of storyboard. From what I saw in the movie I wouldn’t want to be a human. If you have to choose between human, vampire or werewolf why would you chose the mortal? Unless they give humans some crazy classes and abilities I don’t see this as a viable class.

The interview was done by and you can find the source of that article here. You can also look at the offical website here.


EQ2 mushroom ring locations are not that hard to find but much easier with co ordinance. On June 22, 2009 SOE released a live event that involved finding five different sets of mushroom rings around the world. These rings teleport you to an instance that gives you access to event specific items. These items can be used to purchase different things for your house and you can even buy a head piece. Also in the instances are collectibles and each instance has one each.

Only one person can go into the instance and one of the five has a double quest and a shot at two tokens instead of just one. Each month on the 20th the rings will open up and give players the chance to collect more things. The tokens, collectables and items are all interchangeable between characters. One of the most asked quests is where are the mushroom rings located. Here are the locations of the mushroom rings in EQ2:

Zone: Antonica
Location: -698,-4,622

Zone: Enchanted Lands
Location: -278,5,15

Zone: Nektulos
Location: -367,0,-681

Zone: Greater Faydark
Location: -128,-44,-770

Zone: Darklight Wood
Location: 14,-23,-236

Simply enter the zone, type /wayp #,#,# into your chat and you’ll get a waypoint on the map to the location, enjoy!


Today Billy Mays has passed away. The causes are still unknown but his wife was quoted as saying he didn’t feel good before he went to bed. He was also involved in a rough landing at the Tampa Bay airport on Saturday but they don’t think it’s related. Even though he was very much in the public light his family is asking that the details of things remain private.

With so many celebrities dying lately it only goes to show that the generation that brought us video games is starting to fade away. The OG’s (original gamers) are starting to die off. Hopefully bright new minds will take their place and impact the world just as others before them have done. We will miss you Billy Mays.


Champion Online open beta is set for mid-August. The release date is set somewhere in September so this makes sense. reports that Colin Campbell spent some time with Cryptic studios and found out this piece of information. While not 100% for sure, we’ll see if the open beta for Champions Online comes in August or not.

You can read the full story here.

Michael Jackson died today and will be missed by many fans. What’s not as well known about the pop star is the role he has played in the video game industry. Michael Jackson made his appearance in the Sega Genesis title Moonwalker.


He also made a brief appearnace in the music game Space Channel 5. Jackson also collected many arcade games which were auctioned off here. also reports that Michael Jackson had ties to the game company Sega:

“In the early ’90s, Jackson was close with Sega, appearing at several charity events with the publisher and making a visit to their Japan headquarters (some believe that he even inspired Sonic the Hedgehog’s character design).”

Michael was also working on a video game of himself but will never have the chance to finish it now. His impact on the world was great and he will be missed.

Drunek_F00l of SourceOP has a program that will help you to farm for TF2 items. If you don’t want to deal with an idle server in team fortress 2 you can get this program. This program will allow you to farm team fortress 2 items without even having to log in the game.

Here are some of the statistics from the SourceOP idle program:




Congratulations to the top three crossword puzzle gurus! For those that didn’t make it better luck next time. We had a great turn out for the puzzle contest and we’ll be doing more in the future. Thank you so much to everyone who participated in the event. For those that would like the answers here they are!

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