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Now that the scout has been out for a few days let’s take a look at the weapons and how you can benefit from them the most.

The Force-A-Nature (FAN) is a damage machine. With the quick fire and reload it’s very lethal. However, you have to be a lot more accurate then you do with the Scattergun because you’re only getting two shots. Those two shots can basically be fired as one. Simply hold down the button and you’ll fire both shots almost instantly.

Don’t forget that when you’re in the air you get a push back from firing the FAN. This is great if you still have the ability to double jump. In a sense you can have three jumps from using the FAN as a third “push” off. The push back effect is great against pyros as well. Keep their flame back with the push back form this weapon.

Now for The Sandman. This bat and ball combo has to be one of the best additions to the scout. This puppy let’s you play scout on any map (including payloads) and be a lot more useful then you were before. Stop people on the cart, ubered and just in general with the stun from this weapon. Once you get used to it you’ll be able to stun people longer from farther away.

The other great thing about this weapon is that snipers are going to love you. When you stun a target they are sniper bait. This can be very useful to stopping engineers from getting to their guns, heavies from reaching the cart and medics from reaching their healing target.

Also with the ability to stop ubers, nailing a medic with this stun will stop the uber in its tracks. Most people still aren’t used to the stun effect and don’t communicate with the medic well and will run ahead out of the uber.

Lastly we have the BONK! drink. This seems to be the most unpopular of all the unlocks. When you use it you can’t jump or attack. All it’s good for is to get past sentries, heavies, and out of thick combat. Also once you’ve come down from the effects you are slowed to about the speed of a soldier.

While it might not be beneficial to you it will greatly help your team. When you use the drink you can run by sentries that will target you. This allows your team to come up and take out the sentry without the need of an uber. It’s not 100% guaranteed that you will be the sentries primary target, but it will defiantly help get your team forward.

Also take note that the baseball can be deflected by scout bats and pyro air burst. Make sure to get some practice in deflecting these suckers. For the nest few weeks you’re going to have a server full of stunned people. Enjoy!


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