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DF's Backpack

Ladies and gentleman Drunken_F00l presents the TF2 items backpack viewer. The man that brought you the idler program has done it again! Not only can you farm for hats with his program you can check out your friends backpacks. If you’ve been wondering what so-and-so has in their pack you won’t have to wonder any longer. Invade everyone’s privacy and start looking up what people have in their bags.

What makes this such a great website? Well aside from how awesome it is to spy on all your friends, you can now see what people have to trade. This is assuming that Valve will in fact implement TF2 item trading sometime in the near future. This means you don’t have to be friends with someone to trade with them in the future. This will be great for people trying to get all their items. Great work Drunken!



Today is the TF2 Classless Update Day 2! We get to see 3 (sort of) new maps! These three maps were made for the new game mode King of the Hill (KOTH). There will be KOTH Viaduct, KOTH Nucleus and KOTH Sawmill. Personally I could have done without Sawmill being remade into a KOTH map but.. I guess we’ll see how that goes!

So I know you’re all sitting there wondering “What’s this new King of the Hill thing?”. Well to answer that question I’ll let the TF2 team do it:

King of the Hill (KotH) is an intense new game mode focused around a single central capture point that must be defended for three minutes. Gameplay begins with the point initially locked—after a short time, it will open for capture by either team. Once the point is captured by a team, their team clock will start a three minute countdown. If the enemy team manages to capture the point back, their clock will start counting down while the other team’s clock freezes at the time the point was recaptured.

Even though two of these maps are simply remade to fit the new game mode, one is completely new and deserves an explanation. So again I will let the TF2 team do that for me:

Viaduct is an all-new map especially built for KotH, set outside of the entrance to a secret underground base. Viaduct is also the first Team Fortress map to take place during a snowfall. Both teams start at the base of a low hill, and will have to climb to get to the capture point at the hill’s peak. The various elevations of the map and multiple routes to the central point guarantee some frenzied battles as the point changes hands during gameplay.




The names of all the TF2 hats that are coming:

“TF_Engineer_Cowboy_Hat” “Texas Ten Gallon”
“TF_Engineer_Train_Hat” “Engineer’s Cap”
“TF_Heavy_Ushanka_Hat” “Officer’s Ushanka”
“TF_Heavy_Stocking_cap” “Tough Guy’s Tuque”
“TF_Soldier_Pot_Hat” “Stainless Pot”
“TF_Soldier_Viking_Hat” “Tyrant’s Helm”
“TF_Demo_Scott_Hat” “Glengarry Bonnet”
“TF_Medic_Tyrolean_Hat” “Vintage Tyrolean”
“TF_Pyro_Chicken_Hat” “Respectless Rubber Glove”
“TF_Spy_Camera_Beard” “Camera Beard”
“TF_Medic_Mirror_Hat” “Otolaryngologist’s Mirror”
“TF_Pyro_Fireman_Helmet” “Brigade Helm”
“TF_Scout_Bonk_Helmet” “Bonk Helm”
“TF_Scout_Newsboy_Cap” “Ye Olde Baker Boy”
“TF_Spy_Derby_Hat” “Backbiter’s Billycock”
“TF_Sniper_Straw_Hat” “Professional’s Panama”
“TF_Sniper_Jarate_Headband” “Master’s Yellow Belt”
“TF_Hatless_Scout” “Baseball Bill’s Sports Shine”
“TF_Hatless_Sniper” “Ritzy Rick’s Hair Fixative”
“TF_Hatless_Engineer” “Texas Slim’s Dome Shine”
“TF_Demo_Top_Hat” “Scottsman’s Stove Pipe”

More hidden pages for your viewing pleasure!

New Hats

From left to right: “The Tyrants Helm” – “Backbiters Billycock” – “The Brigade Helmet”

It’s that time again ladies and gentleman! Team Fortress 2 updates are back. All those hats you HAVEN’T been finding just might turn into more hats you’re not going to get! Well, we hope hope that’s not the case anyway. Valve is releasing eighteen new hats, since they seem to be such a popular item this is not a surprise.

The TF2 team has released photos of some of the new upcoming hats in this update. It seems they’ve listened to the players and are going to give the Pyro his freakin’ fire hat.

Also, there will be a new map coming. Arena Offblast looks like a mix between Nucleus and Badlands. You can bet they’ll have plenty more to come in the next six days. Here’s a peek at some hidden pages:

How good is your Team Fortress knowledge? We’re hosting a contest to see who can get the right answers. If you think you’ve got what it takes to complete this “Grid-based Cipher Code” then follow the link from the image and get cracking. If you are one of the first three people to complete the crossword correctly you’ll receive a FREE copy of either LiTi-4’s TF2 Weapon Unlock Guide or LiTi-4’s Team Fortress 2 Class Guide.

Contest Rules:

You must complete the entire crossword puzzle.

You may use whatever tools needed to complete the puzzle.

Entries must be in either be a picture (in .jpg format) or a text document (.txt or .doc)

This contest is for Twitter only and any answers given in the comments of this blog will not be accepted. You must send a Direct Message to liti4 on Twitter.  You will be given the e-mail address to send your crossword to.

When you send your e-mail please include which book you would like to receive should you be chosen as a winner.

Winners will be sent an e-mail or a Direct Message on Twitter with a link to download their prize.

One entry per person please. Make sure that you have completely filled out the crossword before you send it. Incomplete crosswords will not be accepted.

Contest starts June 15, 2009 @ 11:00 AM Central Standard Time

Contest expires June 16, 2009 @ 11:00 AM Central Standard Time

Good luck to all contestants!

Side stabs are back, Natascha gets another buff, pyro and scout bug fixes! Here’s the official notes from Steam:

Updates to Team Fortress 2 have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The specific changes include:

Gameplay changes

  • Added a duck timer that prevents duck spamming while running around on-ground
  • In-air, players are only allowed to duck once before they touch ground again
  • Fixed several bounding box issues with jumping, falling, and rocket jump air-walking. Bounding box should be much more accurate there now
  • Increased backstab check so that Spies can side-stab again
  • When disguising, Spies now always start showing the primary weapon in their disguise, and can then switch it with the last-disguise key

TF2 Fixes

  • Fixed flamethrower loophole that resulted in the flame effect being stuck on while the flamethrower wasn’t really firing
  • Fixed exploit that allowed players to circumvent the force-fire timeout on the pipebomb launcher
  • Fixed a bug that caused Natasha’s slow on hit effect to be inverted from 75% to 25%
  • Restored sawmill_logs.mdl file, fixing some user maps that used it
  • Fixed some localization issues with Scout achievement strings
  • Removed the “Final” phrasing in the map loading screen

Engine fixes

  • Fixed a server crash on startup under Linux
  • Fixed a buffer overflow issue related to network string tables
  • Gamestats uploading is now done asynchronously. This fixes the client timeout issues on map changes


  • Fixed an exploit where engineers could build a teleporter exit in an invalid area
  • Fixed a few bad overlay assignments and other minor issues


I want to re-post what was posted on the official TF2 blog. It seems that there were a few people to decided to exploit the system to get their achievements. If you didn’t know about it read on and see what their official stance on it is.

It saddens me that despite my best efforts to instruct and better you, some of you insist on finding new ways to fail.

We have sounded the alert and released a quick fix for an exploit that some unscrupulous players were using to wield items on invalid classes. I have considered an appropriate punishment for the good-for-nothings responsible for this horrendous breach of conduct. Death, of course – but death is too good for disappointments such as these. Instead, their unlockable items have been removed for a month.

To the majority of you who did not see fit to cheat, you have my congratulations: I await the countless other ways you will inevitably disappoint me in the future.

The Administrator”

-Posted Feb 18, 2009 by TF Announcer

Here was the follow up response to this message. He says in the above post that it will be a month while this post states it will only be a week. Time will only tell for those who chose to cheat.


Please, do take a cursory glance at the missive directly below this one. Take care to notice its author, and the dismally recent date of its posting.

Now imagine how profound my disappointment, to be called back again so soon to administer justice to the melon-headed few of you who persist in fraudulence. I’d just sat down with the two things I enjoy most in life — the most recent issue of Punishment Monthly and a carton of cigarettes — when the alarm sounded. I feel like a dog owner who’s rubbed her pet’s nose in a mess on the carpet, only to turn around and discover it setting fire to the drapes.

This time it seems a number of you used an external application to unlock all of your achievements in order to get items unfairly. Coming as a surprise to no one with the ability to retain memories of the recent past, I have taken these items from the perpetrators for one week.

Can I trust that this episode has finally taught you a lesson? I should live so long. Having watched how the sorry lot of you comport yourselves on the battlefield and in the forums, I would consider it a small miracle to trust one of you enough to lick stamps without asphyxiating.

My magazine awaits.

The Administrator”

You may be asking yourself why I would take the time to re-post these two blogs. The answer is simple you don’t have to cheat to get your weapons. If you’re looking to get your achievements it’s quite simple. Go to Scout Achievements: Weapon Unlock Guide and we’ll walk you through step by step.

We’ve received a great response to this guide and are considering going back to other classes to do a quick guide for them as well. I would love to hear your thoughts on this. If you’d like to see achievement guides for other classes then leave us a comment telling us. Thanks again for your support!

We have a special guest-blogger post with us today on the new Scout update for TF2. We know that just like us, a lot of you have been playing it since release and there are a lot of mixed emotions about this update. Coming in from Nick “GetThere1Time” Sharko, here’s one point of view on the Scout update and new unlockables:

My Verdict on the TF2 Scout Update

Nick “GetThere1Time” Sharko


I give it a resounding “MEH.” It does a tad less damage than the scattergun from close range. From medium to long range the difference in damage seems notable though I’ll have to test it a little more. What obviously makes it inferior to the scatter is the reload time and knockback. I may have said this in a previous post but I don’t want knockback as a scout. If I’m running up to someone to fight them point blank, I want them to stay point blank. This also means if you want to use the gun effectively, you have to fire both shots immediately or else your target is going to be too far away to take any decent damage on the second shot. Even if you get both shots on a moving target, you’re still probably going to have to pistol him/her down to get the kill.

The reload time is brutal. I’d often times find myself in a position where I’m reloading and I needed to be shooting. The pistol just doesn’t do it sometimes. If I stun someone with the Sandman, I need to run up to them before I shoot them to get the kill. If I were to have the scattergun out in the same situation, that kill would come much faster because I can start shooting immediately and not have to worry about wasting my shots. I also can’t kill Sandman stunned heavies with the Force-A-Nature. However, I will say it’s really hilarious to stun a fatty and then launch them with the FAN.

I feel like this gun can really be useful if applied in the right situations. It’s great in tight tunnels where you can duck back and forth and hide when you reload. It’s great in any kind of a spam war since FAN makes it hard for the enemy to advance. It’s still really lacking in the damage potential department but it may just take a ton of practice to get both of those shots dead on. Regardless, unless I’m just dicking around, I’ll be sticking with the scattergun; more shots, less vulnerable, and better synergy with the Sandman.

Bonk Energy Drink:

It’s fun but it sucks. Bullets don’t hit you but you get knocked back from them still. You can’t shoot. You can’t capture. You’re slow as hell when it wears off. It’s useful for booking ass in a bad situation, but, hey, you’re a scout. You’re already faster than the other classes and if you’re fighting other scouts I don’t think they’re going to let you chug a tasty beverage. You’re probably better off just shooting and maybe dying than drinking this thing anyway. Yes, you can get by sentries but I don’t see how that’s very useful since you’re really just going to run into a bunch of dudes once you run past the gun anyway.

You might be useful as a decoy when your team is destroying a sentry. I haven’t really tested it on CTF maps either, but with limited application and the FAN and Sandman begging you to keep your pistol, any scout worth his mettle is going to toss this thing.

The Sandman:

This thing is ridiculous. If you stun anyone accessible by you or your team, they’ll be dead. It stuns people who are ubered. It has infinite ammo, albeit a slow recharge, and you can pick up a ball to negate the recharge. From medium range, it’s enough time for a scout to get the kill. From long range, the stun lasts a huge amount of time (something like 5-7 seconds?) Yes, you have to give up the double jump to equip it which hurts your mobility, but you’re trading it for what essentially is a guaranteed kill and the ability to stop kritz and ubers in their tracks. The Sandman has a permanent home in my setup.

Now that the scout has been out for a few days let’s take a look at the weapons and how you can benefit from them the most.

The Force-A-Nature (FAN) is a damage machine. With the quick fire and reload it’s very lethal. However, you have to be a lot more accurate then you do with the Scattergun because you’re only getting two shots. Those two shots can basically be fired as one. Simply hold down the button and you’ll fire both shots almost instantly.

Don’t forget that when you’re in the air you get a push back from firing the FAN. This is great if you still have the ability to double jump. In a sense you can have three jumps from using the FAN as a third “push” off. The push back effect is great against pyros as well. Keep their flame back with the push back form this weapon.

Now for The Sandman. This bat and ball combo has to be one of the best additions to the scout. This puppy let’s you play scout on any map (including payloads) and be a lot more useful then you were before. Stop people on the cart, ubered and just in general with the stun from this weapon. Once you get used to it you’ll be able to stun people longer from farther away.

The other great thing about this weapon is that snipers are going to love you. When you stun a target they are sniper bait. This can be very useful to stopping engineers from getting to their guns, heavies from reaching the cart and medics from reaching their healing target.

Also with the ability to stop ubers, nailing a medic with this stun will stop the uber in its tracks. Most people still aren’t used to the stun effect and don’t communicate with the medic well and will run ahead out of the uber.

Lastly we have the BONK! drink. This seems to be the most unpopular of all the unlocks. When you use it you can’t jump or attack. All it’s good for is to get past sentries, heavies, and out of thick combat. Also once you’ve come down from the effects you are slowed to about the speed of a soldier.

While it might not be beneficial to you it will greatly help your team. When you use the drink you can run by sentries that will target you. This allows your team to come up and take out the sentry without the need of an uber. It’s not 100% guaranteed that you will be the sentries primary target, but it will defiantly help get your team forward.

Also take note that the baseball can be deflected by scout bats and pyro air burst. Make sure to get some practice in deflecting these suckers. For the nest few weeks you’re going to have a server full of stunned people. Enjoy!

*Edit: To get a complete guide for all achievements and a full list of the Scout guide check out LiTi-4’s Weapon Unlock Achievement Guide.

Now it could be debated for hours about the best way to get all your unlocks but that’s not what we’re going to cover here. If you want to just play the scout on your regular server and get the achievements that way then great.

If you want to get enough to get the unlocks we’ll cover some ways to do that. If you want all the achievements unlocked and don’t care you do it then this will help get you started.

Here are my thoughts on unlocking achievements. I want to be able to use the weapons that Valve released and I’d like to get all the achievements eventually. I don’t want to do it on my normal server because I can’t stand logging in and there are 32 people all trying to get unlocks.

No one is actually playing to win but simply trying to get their achievements. There are plenty of maps and servers out there simply for getting your unlocks. One map that I highly suggest downloading is achievements_universal. This will pretty much work for all the achievements.

Now here’s the list of which achievements I unlocked to get all the weapons. I will list them and briefly explain how to do it. Keep in mind that this was done with two accounts by myself. You will need a friend or another account to complete this list.

CTF_Turbine -Here’s a list of the achievements to get on this map. You will get 11 achievements here.

batter_up1 Batter Up: Perform 1000 double jumps.

This is something you need to be doing the whole time. However, the easiest way to get this is to go into the vents and tap spacebar. If you track it in your HUD you’ll see you get a+1 very fast.

belittled_beleauger Belittled Beleaguer: Kill an opposing player that has your intelligence.

Simply have your friend pick up the intel while you’re making your runs.

closer Closer: Destroy 3 teleporter entrances.

Have your friend go engineer and let you destroy 3 teleporters. They don’t have to be fully built. This will also count towards your If You Build It.

if_you_build_it If You Build It: Destroy 3 enemy buildings while they are still under construction.

Do this while the teleporters are being built.

gun_down Gun Down: Destroy an active sentry gun using your pistol.

Once your friend has built you 3 teleporters have him build you a sentry gun. While it’s building hit it 2-3 times with your baseball bat and then get out of there before it builds. Stand out of it’s range and fire your pistol until it explodes.

dodgers_1_giants_0 Dodgers 1, Giants 0: Kill an enemy heavy and take his sandvich.

Have your friend go heavy and have him punch you so you take a bit of damage. Then have him pull out his sandvich. Kill him and it will drop on the ground. Now walk over it to heal up and you got it.

fall_classic Fall Classic: Cause an environmental death or suicide using the Force-A-Nature knockback.

This one is hard but shouldn’t take long. Have your friend go scout or spy. Go to one of the high rises and pistol or bat him down to about 80-90 health. Now shoot him off and he will die from the fall. Adjust your distance to get the best results.

im_bat_manI’m Bat Man: Survive 500 damage in one life.

You can either double jump to get your 1000 jumps and take 500 falling damage or you can have your friend beat you up while you grab health packs. Either way will work just fine.

no_hitterNo-Hitter: Steal and then capture the enemy intelligence without firing a shot.

Since turbine is a CTF map this is perfect. Once you cap your first intel you’ll get this one. You also will do this with Round-Tripper and Triple Steal.

round_tripperRound-Tripper: Capture the enemy intelligence 25 times.

This one is going to be a pain in the butt because you have to just sit there and run back and forth with the intel 25 times. However, you get 3 achievements from doing this.

triple_stealTriple Steal: Capture the enemy intelligence 3 times in a single CTF round.

This one will come with Round-Tripper.

CP_SteelHere you will get some of your control point achievements. You will get 3 achievements here.

set_the_table1 Set the Table: Initiate 10 point captures that ultimately succeed.

Two full cycles of steel will give you this achievement. Just make sure to join spectate at the end of your first win so you can have another run at it.

side_retired Slide Retired: Capture the last point in a CP map.

You will get this getting Set the Table.

triple_play1 Triple Play: Capture three capture points in a row in one life.

You will get this doing Set the Table.

Achievements_UniversalYou will get some more control point achievements here as well as a misc one. The best part about this map is there are 3 you can do in a row without having to move a whole lot and it’s very fast. You will get 4 achievements here.

block_the_plate Block the Plate: Block 50 point captures.

This will be done with 2 other achievements. You will do this with Pop Fly and Caught Napping. You must do this exactly how I describe for it to work properly. Have your friend go spy and start to cap the point. Get on the point to stop it, bat him once get BEHIND him and double jump and shoot him in the back. This will give you credit for all three achievements. Make sure you do NOT have the Sandman equipped or you can’t double jump.

caught_napping Caught Napping: Kill 50 enemies from behind with the Force-A-Nature.

See above Block the Plate.

pop_fly Pop Fly: Kill 20 players while double-jumping.

See above Block the Plate.

the_cycle The Cycle: In a single life, kill an enemy while you are on the ground, in the air and in the water.

After you do the above achievements (don’t die) kill your friend while you’re both on the ground. Then have him jump in the water after he respawns and kill him again.

strike_zone Strike Zone: Kill 50 enemies while they are stunned.

You should have The Sandman by now. Stand by one of the ammo cabinets and shoot balls at your friend to stun him as he spawns. While stunned kill him with your primary or secondary weapon but he must die while stunned. This is good practice with the baseball.

Pl_Badwater – Here you’ll get your two achievements that will put you over so that you can get your Bonk Drink. You will get 2 achievements here.

brushback Brushback: Stun 50 enemies while they are capturing a point or pushing the cart.

Have your friend start pushing the cart and then you simply stop them by stunning them. Make sure to keep picking up your baseball so you don’t have to wait for it to “reload”. After 50 you’ll be able to get your Bonk juice.


After reviewing the guide and giving myself a bit more time to test some things I have some additional achievements that are not necessary but you c an add them to the above or just do it separate.  Here they are and how you do them.

CP_Turbine – There are 3 achievements you can gain here that are optional.

moon_shot Moon Shot: Stun an enemy for the maximum possible duration by hitting them with a long-range ball.

The best way to do this is to have both of you go scout. This will give you both the chance to get all 3 achievements. Both of you stand on top of the stairs in the middle with your back in the corner. You should both be facing one another and have a direct line of site on each other. One of you launch the ball at the other which will stun them and give you this achievement. Then the other person does the same.

beanballl Beanball: Stun a scout with their own ball.

Once you both have stunned one another you’ll have the others ball. Simply fire the ball back at the other scout and you’ll each get this.

out_of_the_park Out of the Park: Bat an enemy 25 meters.

Now have one person stand at the stop of the stairs and with The Sandman equipped face the other person. Make sure the person is going to fly off into the middle of the map and not towards the wall. Hit the taunt key (G by default) and you’ll knock a homer!

This is not required to unlock all the weapons, but I did it because Badwater has a good place to get this at. The distance is quite large. I stunned a heavy (not because of the picture) but because they’re the easiest targets. If you know this map you’ll know what I’m talking about if not you’ll have to do your best to figure this out. Make sure you’re red and your partner is blu. Have them stand just outside of the spawn against the back of the rocks in the corner. If you’re red and looking at the spawns it’s the spawn on the farthest left. This is where red snipers love to pick people off at. As the scout you need to stand back where the snipers stand and hit the ball in the air in an arch to reach the heavy all the way at the bottom. This takes practice and may take a few tries. If you don’t get it then just don’t bother with it.

I hope this guide will help you to get your scout weapons and enjoy bonking people. I will discuss later some tips on how to play with these new weapons and what the scout can really do for TF2 teams now. Enjoy!


Finally it’s been released! That’s right ladies and gentleman it’s time to bat some heads in. Tonight is the official release of the scout update that we have been waiting months for. You can find all of the scout weapons on our blog as we have kept you updated to release tonight.

The Sandman

The Bonk Energy Drink

The Force-A-Nature

Last nights poll that Valve started gave us all the option of what weapons would be released first. It takes 10 to get the Force-A-Nature (FAN); 16 for The Sandman and 22 for The Bonk Energy Drink. Get in there and get those achievements.

LiTi-4’s TF2 Achievement Guide

LiTi-4’s Team Fortress 2 Class Guide

LiTi-4 Alliance 70-80 Leveling Guide

LiTi-4 Twitter

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