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So, we made a post already about the really cool new site by Drunken F00l, the TF2 Backpack Examiner.

I’ve gotten 1 hat since the idler hats were taken away (yes, I was a dirty idler). I also have the solider medal and all the weapons.

Check out my backpack.

Post yours in reply to this thread and let us see what you have!


052509_1941_TeamFortres1.jpgIn the last week many players have been throwing a fit over the new TF2 update. Some like it some don’t but most are very confused. Valve has released a small fix for the update on May 22, 2009. This only fixed bugs in the system that was immediately causing players to have issues.

There is talk of a new update coming today (Memorial Day) but I wouldn’t hold my breath for it. If there is a new update coming today to fix bugs it won’t be very large or have much of an impact on the last update.

The big debate here is if the old system or the new system works better. Some people were completely against the old system and some people are against the new one. Each system has its flaws but both give everyone the chance to get their weapons.

I think Valve could have done a much better job in preparing people for the chance in gaining weapons. A lot of people have figured it out but a lot of people that don’t visit forums, blogs or news sites still don’t know.

Valve also stated that they will be implementing a new trading system with the next update. Players are getting duplicate items right now and deleting them. No one wants to wait two or three months for the next update with duplicate items taking up space.

Valve should have released the trading system with this update or held off on giving out duplicate items. Just like Left for Dead Valve had a really good idea but a poor implementation of it. If they would spend a little more time with their updates and content working I think they would really hit the nail on the head.

Team Fortress 2 has gone from a goofy FPS to a mixed FPS/MMORPG farming and grinding game. Again, the idea was good but the delivery was poorly planned. Hopefully Valve will come back with a bang and clean up a lot of this mess they made.

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