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Since the update there’s been so much confusion it’s hard to figure out what’s possible and what’s not. Today is the one week marker for the update and plenty has changed since its release. We’ve had a few patches to make fixes and other things that needed to be put into place.

Some of the things we’ve learned about the Sniper:

  • The Huntsman’s arrows can be lit on fire by friendly Pyros to make flaming arrows.
  • The Razorback is great on maps where you’re not going to be close to your other teammates.
  • Jarate, while gross, is a great team weapon.
  • The accuracy of the Huntsman isn’t exactly what we had expected.

Here are some of the things we’ve learned about the Spy:

  • The Dead Ringer is a great situational tool. Not having full cloak makes you have to work harder to get those kills.
  • The Dead Ringer was changed so that you lose all cloak even if you come out early, so use all 8 seconds.
  • The Cloak and Dagger is the more popular item unlock for the Spy. This baby pretty much gives you full stealth all the time. I feel it gives people too much of a comfort zone and not take as many chances. Most people would rather stay in stealth the whole map, when you don’t have to.
  • The Ambassador is a great weapon for those people who like to take one shot kills. If you’re good enough with it you can headshot just about anyone from anywhere. On the downside, that one shot had better put your target down.

A lot of things that have been done to the game have really made people upset. Veteran players in particular feel as if they’re being treated unfairly. Those of us that already have all the previous weapons don’t need or want copies of what we already have. We want Valve to make is so that we either get a shot at the hats or the newer weapons.

With the addition of the hats we can only wonder what other things they intend on implementing into the game. With four classes left to update there’s potential for a lot of changes. One thing is for certain, when the last update is released things will have changed just as much as they have since vanilla TF2.


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